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Negotiation Advocacy

If you have found the perfect property, Negotiation Advocacy will give you a professional advantage.

In Australia’s highly competitive property market, our expert negotiation capabilities and auction bidding expertise place our clients at a significant advantage when it comes to securing their ideal property within or under budget.

Our advocates combine decades of negotiation experience to tailor the optimal purchasing strategy and leverage hard-earned relationships with sales agents and industry reputation. These relationships allow us to shift the dynamic of a property negotiation to a business to business transaction, adding a level of professional objectivity and insulating our clients from the strong emotions that can lead to miscalculations when dealing with agents directly.

When you’ve found the property that meets all your needs, having a skilled Negotiation Advocate in your corner can mean the difference between success and disappointment.

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Negotiation Advocacy Advantages

Improved Outcomes 

Our advocates’ negotiation skills have been finely honed through years of industry experience. Our negotiation methods are underpinned by meticulous research and applied with diplomatic tact to culminate in outstanding results for our clients.

Increased Opportunities 

We use our long established relationships with agents, negotiation experience and industry knowledge to give our clients an advantage over other potential purchasers. We will assess your likelihood of purchasing at different budgets and formulate the best purchasing strategy for you and your property of choice.

Shorter Timeframes 

Aspire will give our Negotiation Advocacy clients the best chance of purchasing before auction. We use our agent relationships to formulate a purchasing strategy, getting an advantage over other buyers. Should we have to go to auction, our auction experience and bidding tactics will ensure an optimal outcome.

Accurate Valuations 

The key to a successful purchasing strategy is being able to value a property accurately and without emotion. Aspire uses a methodology that overlays the way an agent and a valuer would value a property, giving our clients strong, accurate recommendations on price. Being able to effectively negotiate for and secure a property is only made possible by having a complete and accurate understanding of that property’s true value.

Industry Relationships 

Property negotiations are more successful when there is pre-existing trust and mutual respect between both parties. Our buyer advocates have spent combined decades developing close working relationships with selling agents, and we leverage these connections to our clients’ advantage.

Auction Bidding

Bidding at auction can be an incredibly daunting prospect for an emotionally compromised buyer. Our Advocates draw on decades of experience to plan and execute an auction bidding strategy, often resulting in purchasing below our clients budget. Aspire Advocates have a proven track record of excellent auction results, especially in a pass in situation.

International Reach 

A key advantage of appointing a negotiation advocate is the ability to bridge cultural, language and geographic divides and secure purchases across state and international borders. We work closely with international and interstate buyers, allowing them to purchase remotely with full confidence and discretion.

Over 90% of our Negotiation Advocacy clients have purchased their property of choice successfully.

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