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International Advocacy

Aspire Advocates give international buyers the ability to access the entire property market from overseas.

Aspire Advocates specialise in achieving the Australian property aspirations of many international clients. We know that working overseas combines rapid career growth, immersion in a new culture and many financial advantages. Family wealth creation is often a key motivator in the decision to become an expatriate and Aspire Advocates provide international families with incredible Australian property outcomes.

Australian property is a critical link in the chain of a balanced wealth-creation strategy.  Whether they require a family home to return to or a blue chip addition to their investment portfolio, all of our international clients are seeking to invest well in the Australian property market. Aspire Advocates provide genuine, professional investment advice and expert negotiation results, always in the best interest of our clients. We are our clients’ “feet on the ground”, allowing them to inspect properties from a distance and gain access to “off market” properties that they would not be able to find themselves.

Our expatriate and international clients have often attempted the property search process and had difficulty doing so on their own. The ability for international residents to purchase property in Australia can be hindered by distance. It is impractical for most internationally-based buyers to inspect all the properties they view online and many will sell before they can see them. On a short visit back to Australia to view property, international residents are restricted to only viewing the properties available at the time of their visit. This can result in rushed purchases of inferior properties.

Aspire Advocates source the best properties in efficient time frames to ensure our international clients make the best possible investment at all times.

we allay our clients’ fears by removing the barrier that distance creates to the Australian property market.

Our Process

Client Briefing Meeting

We offer face-to-face or online meetings to discuss your property requirements and understand your family’s needs and aspirations.  You provide us with detail of your preferred property type, size, location and purchase budget and we provide initial guidance around your search parameters.  During these discussions we will outline a clear road map and timeline of the property search.

Researching & Shortlisting

Once we have formulated your property search brief we begin to provide example properties to you, in order to narrow our search focus.  We inspect every property that is advertised that fits within your brief, as well as exhausting the “off market” listings not available to the general public.  We inspect and analyse properties to create a shortlist of the best properties that match your property search criteria.  The very best properties that fit your search criteria are included in your first Property Tour.  This can be done in person or virtually.  The Property Tour consists of consecutive private appointments at, typically, between 6 to 12 properties, depending on your specific requirements and the availability of suitable properties in the market.

Personal Property Tour

If you are coming to Australia to view the properties, we can collect you from your accommodation or the Airport to commence the tour.  A relaxed schedule allows plenty of time to inspect each property and familiarise yourself with each area.

Online/Virtual Property Tour 

If you are not able to come to Australia for the Property Tour, we will prepare an online tour for you.  We will film our inspection of each property and provide you with floorplans and photographs.  We will prepare a 3D virtual tour for each property you wish to see more detail of, and will also provide a film of the street, neighbouring homes and any key features in the area such as the local shops, park or beach for these properties.

All properties included on the Property Tour are presented with a comprehensive grading report.  Our property analysis reports score every aspect of the home including key features, strengths and any weaknesses, and also score the street and area on a range of criteria.

Exclusive Access

We multiply your opportunity for success by providing access to off market property.  Approximately half of the property we have purchased for our overseas clients has not been advertised and we have purchased it without competition.

Expert Negotiation

Once you have selected a property to purchase we use our relationships, expert negotiation skills and industry knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome for you.  The key to negotiation is removing the element of emotion, knowing what to do and when to do it, and changing the dynamic to a business-to-business transaction.

Whether it is a future home or investment property, Aspire Advocates only buy the highest quality, established property in the best suburbs.  We buy property that will experience strong capital growth, and do not recommend our clients buy ‘off the plan’ property or other poor investment choices.  We are strictly independent and are paid by our clients to find the best possible property for them – we do not receive any fees or commissions from selling agents or developers.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak to all international residents about their Australian property needs.

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