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Middle Park Property Secured By Auction Tactics

Our clients were a young local family who had outgrown their single-fronted terrace home in Albert Park. Their brief was, seemingly, simple: a large family home on 300 square metres with 4 bedrooms or capacity for a fourth bedroom, North or West rear orientation to maximise natural light, within the Middle Park Primary School zone, within a very specific budget. After months of fruitless searching without our help, they finally brought in the experts!

This was an exercise is patience and persistence. Owing to its proximity to the city and beach and quiet village-like surrounds, Albert Park and Middle Park property is fiercely guarded by its occupants and owners. Large blocks do not become available for sale often, and when they do, they are hotly contested. Our search for this family was comprehensive and left no stone unturned. Multiple off market opportunities were unearthed however none were quite suitable.

An excellent property in Middle Park arose for sale and the owners were insistent on running a full auction campaign, knowing that Middle Park property is premium real estate and would likely be very attractive to prospective buyers. All the property fundamentals were covered by this top quality property, and it satisfied all the young family’s aspirational brief: a large block, North-Western orientation, plenty of opportunity to improve but able to live in as-is, and most importantly it was within the Middle Park Primary School zone.

Come auction day we used our expert auction bidding tactics to ensure the property “passed in” to us. Negotiation skills honed through hundreds of transactions resulted in our clients purchasing this fabulous blank canvas, perfectly liveable but in need of an update for modern convenience, within their budget at an amount they couldn’t believe. They were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to make this property their home for generations to enjoy.

  • 29th May 2019

Achieving lifestyle aspirations through property.